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About Exclusive Mortgage Leads

ExclusiveMortgageLeads.com is now part of the Best Rate Referrals, LLC conglomerate of companies. Exclusive Mortgage Leads was originally designed as a co-op of websites first developed in 1998 that were built to be at the forefront of mortgage lead generation. The Exclusive Mortgage Leads name and Brand were the originators of the “Exclusive Mortgage Lead” and the first to come up with the concept and actually implement them for the benefit of the lending community.


We have always seen the benefit of internet generation for gaining new mortgage clientele. In 1998 this area was just being explored and for many companies the internet was still a very new proposition. We saw the internet as a burgeoning portal that would allow a more even plane to enable individual loan officers to compete with even the largest of brokerage houses. Today what use to be a "hush hush" subject (lead generation) is now widely accepted and even consumers themselves are searching out sites that promise to search out multiple brokers for them and their mortgage loan financing needs.


We have seen a lot of companies come, and a LOT of companies go. We have seen and heard of every kind of lead generation you can imagine. From the spammers sending out millions of emails each and every day trying to get leads that have closure ratio's under 1%, to companies using affilitate programs, enticement advertising, and even really bad low quality television commercials (the kind you see on your local cable stations), we have seen it all. We have found while the above techniques can work to get in "new leads" they are not the techniques you use if you want to get quality leads to keep your clientele (brokers and lenders) happy and closing loans.

Think of it this way. Put yourself in the borrowers place. If you read an ad on a website that promised you a "1% 30 year fixed rate mortgage for your bad credit" and than after you applied, thinking this is the loan that you were going to receive, you receive a quote for a 9.25% refinance paying 2 points in discount to get the rate that low, how would you react? What would you think of the broker quoting you that loan? Now let's assume that lead is promised nothing, but to be contacted quickly about thier financing needs? These are the kind of leads that we have always and will continue to deliver.


We have always been working on the future of internet lead generation. Now that might sound like hype, but remember that we offer free features on our lead orders that no one else offers. We were the first to offer "Exclusive Internet Mortgage Leads."


It is imperative that we explain the difference from "Real time" lead delivery and others lead database deliveries. Many sites have databases to make it easier to track the leads that are sent out and make it easier for overall delivery, for them. "Real Time" means just that, as an applicant applies on one of our websites the information is instantaneously sent to our lead database. From there it is filtered to see what brokers its criteria it fills. Once located it is sent to that broker in "Real Time." For example it is very possible for you to be calling the client while they are still online looking at our site! This is a huge benefit to you as it has been shown that the first person to contact the client has a 2:1 ratio for closing the loan. Real time and exclusive mortgage leads are the best combination.


We control over 300, yes 300, websites all designed to provide valuable online information, as well as drive leads to our online database. We do not advertise, we do not use SPAM marketing tactics, we do not entice borrowers to apply with phony rates or promises. Our borrowers come to us through the major search engines, just like how you found us here at ExclusiveMortgageLeads.com. They are actively searching for financing and as such come to us to help them find a broker for their mortgage financing.

Whether you are a first time user, or a veteran internet mortgage lead user you will come to appreciate how we do business. Honest, straight forward, and helpful is not only our reputation, but it truly is the way we do business day in and day out.

We look forward to being your lending partner.


Our Exclusive Mortgage
Leads Guarantee

We guarantee each one of our internet mortgage leads to be completely exclusive and delivered in real time.

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